Soper on Labour’s biggest problem

Barry Soper explains what Labour’s biggest problem is:

Labour’s biggest problem going into this year’s election isn’t what’s been identified by Shane Jones, the man who before the last election unsuccessfully tried to become the party’s leader, missing out to David Cunliffe.

Jones, who’s now formally joined forces to become what he says is a union with Winston Peters in the far north, believes the hook up with The Greens has diminished Labour’s brand.

The biggest problem for Labour is the trade unions and the influence they’re able to exert on who’s the party’s leader, given to them just five years ago. Andrew Little’s there simply because the unions want him there.

Spot on Bazza.

It’s not that there’s anything inherently wrong with trade unions, many of us can thank them for the working conditions we have today. It’s just their political influence takes away the ability of the caucus to chose who they want to daily lead them, and those at the pitface of politics know better.

And for Labour, anything they announce that benefits trade unions is perceived, rightly or wrongly, as being done to feather their beds.

Unions have always been about feather-bedding.

The return to national awards from the 1970s and 80s is just one example. Everyone older than 35 remembers the holiday strikes and inconvenience of greedy unions holding up others so they could pick the pockets of their employers. The benefit of course, to National, is that those people vote whereas the young who don’t remember or can’t remember don’t vote.


-NZ Herald