What a stupid fool, Andrew Little slags off Winston Peters

It’s official: neither the Greens or Labour want to work with Winston Peters.

Andrew Little has made it official by slagging off the guy who has more than double his rating in the preferred PM stakes.

Labour leader Andrew Little has dismissed NZ First leader and potential coalition partner Winston Peters as a behaving like a “blowhard” and a “swinging dick” after Peters doubted Little’s re-election chances.

Peters said yesterday that Labour’s vote could fall as low as 22 per cent, which would mean Little, a list MP, would not get back into Parliament.

He made the comment after a leaked poll by Labour’s pollster UMR showed Labour had fallen to 26 per cent and NZ First had risen to 14 per cent.

That is a statement of fact, not some blowhard statement. At 23% Labour gets NO list MPs, and that means Little will be gone.

Speaking to the Herald this afternoon, Little responded strongly.

“Listen, Winston is a very colourful character in New Zealand politics and he’s got some principles too.

But he is a blowhard and this is blowhard politics.

“In the end this election isn’t going to be fought on the basis of swinging dicks it is going to be fought on the basis of what party has demonstrated that they are listening to the real concerns of New Zealanders.

Says the man who has a rug with his swinging dick on it.

Little said the UMR poll was not commissioned by Labour and had not been leaked from within the party.

He brushed off its findings, saying he was “not at all fussed” because the polls had been “volatile” over the past month. He added that had “no fears whatsoever” that he would not get re-elected.

So, Labour can’t even fund their own polling and has to bludge results from UMR’s corporate customers.

The Labour leader also said he was untroubled by recent squabbles between the Greens and NZ First, saying that as the election neared parties were trying to distinguish themselves and show where they stood. This “posturing” did not prevent them working together after the September election, he said.

Of course he is untroubled. These fools have decided to go to war with Winston in a bid to stop him stealing their centre voters. It is obvious now.

Andrew Little will be welcoming his own demise and political oblivion for the Labour party. NZ First’s latest policies are aimed square at the centre ground and it will be interesting to see the pick up in the polls as a result.


-NZ Herald


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