Terror raids Sydney: four men plotted to blow up plane

And we are told everything is just fine here in NZ. Sydney is just 3 hours away by plane…that is how close we are to home grown terrorism.

An Islamist-inspired, ?elaborate? terrorist plot to bring down an aeroplane with an improvised device has been thwarted, but travellers should expect delays at major airports as security is beefed up.

Four people have been arrested and are in custody after the NSW counter-terrorism team conducted raids across the Sydney suburbs of Surry Hills, Lakemba, Punchbowl and Wiley Park overnight, with searches expected to take many more hours or days.

Australian Federal Police commissioner Andrew Colvin said law enforcement had become aware of information in recent days that suggested some people in Sydney were planning to ?commit a terrorist act using an improvised device?.

?At this time, we don?t have a great deal of information on the specific attack, the location, date or time, however, we?re investigating information indicating the aviation industry was potentially a target of that attack,? he said.

?We have taken this threat very seriously … You should infer we think this was credible and there was an intention and quite possibly a capability as well.?

Malcolm Turnbull referred to the events overnight as a ?major joint counter-terrorism operation to disrupt a terrorist plot to bring down an aeroplane?.

He said additional security measures had been put in place at Sydney airport on Thursday and extended to all major airports at domestic and international terminals around the country.

?Some of the measures will be obvious to the public, some will not be. Travellers should be prepared for additional scrutiny at screening points,? he said.

?Security screening will take longer, and travellers should arrive at terminals at least 2 hours before flights to allow ample time for screening. They should limit the amount of carry-on and checked baggage as far as possible, as this will help to ensure that security screening is efficient.

?While it is important that Australians are aware of the increased threat, be assured we have the finest security and intelligence services in the world and they are working, as is my government, and all our governments around Australia, night and day, to keep Australians safe.?

Justice Minister Michael Keenan said it was the 13th significant? counter-terrorism disruption made on Australian soil. While lone actors remained the primary terrorism threat, he said this latest plot proved ?sophisticated attacks? were a ?real threat.

How long can we keep this away from NZ?

We need to tighten up our immigration laws. We need to make NZ a sanctuary state. You can’t do that by importing terrorist ideals from broken countries in the grip of an evil ideology.

Which politician and which political party will make a stand on behalf of Kiwis? Which politician and political party will value security for it’s citizens over and above the hurty feelings of immigrants?

We don’t have to suffer what Australians are suffering….we can act and stop it happening here.


-The Australian