Traditional gender roles and marriage work well together

I believe that men and women are inherently different. We are wired differently at our core. Most women are wired to nurture and to bring up children while most men are wired to protect the family unit and to provide. When we mess with these traditional gender roles we decrease the likelihood of marriage and children. Marriage is suited to traditional gender roles which may be why marriage is on the decline.

Feminists claim to promote the advancement of women and gender equality, largely via the promotion of so-called sexual liberation, but their movement is leaving a wake of unhappy, unmarried, and childless women in its path…

According to a recent study from Yale University researchers, liberated, college educated women are freezing their eggs because they can’t find a man to marry and have children with before their natural childbearing years expire. In the U.K., for instance, one in five women is childless when their natural reproductive years expires, as opposed to one in ten women a mere generation prior.

The author of the study…concludes that the common assumption about women putting off children to advance their careers is mere myth. The 150 women undergoing the egg-freezing process in the U.S. and  Israel who were extensively interviewed for the study, claimed they were not putting off having a family in order to advance their career, but because they simply couldn’t find a mate.

…some of the women interviewed…admit that it’s not simply an educational gap; women said they would marry a man who doesn’t have a degree but they can’t find one who wants to marry them.

…“Women tell us frequently that they are freezing their eggs because the men they meet feel threatened by their success and so unwilling to commit to starting a family together.”

…“We are seeing some big societal issues, in particular in some social economic groups, with young men not committing.”

… “It exacerbates the problem of men not wanting to ‘settle down’ and start a family until it’s almost too late for the woman to conceive naturally. And if she insists, he’s quite likely to leave for a younger woman whose biological clock isn’t ticking quite so loudly.”

Dr. Lockwood’s “own survey of women doing ‘social’ egg freezing found the overwhelming majority of women having their eggs frozen were doing so because they could not find a partner, or because their own partner would not commit,”

…Professor Simon Fishel, who founded Care Fertility, explained based on his research… “Almost all of the women in the study who employed egg freezing were heterosexual and wanted to become married mothers. Women lamented the ‘missing men’ in their lives, viewing egg freezing as a way to buy time while on the continuing (online) search for a committed partner.”

Over 90% of those surveyed were not freezing their eggs to postpone childbearing to advance a career. Instead, “they were desperately ‘preserving’ their fertility beyond the natural end of their reproductive lives, because they were single without partners to marry,” he said.

…Why would a man rush to settle down and marry someone if he can not only have sex with “liberated” women without a ring, but even cohabitate with them, too? Moreover, the less chaste a woman is, the less preferable she will likely be to a man. Not to mention a woman’s increasing age and creeping near infertility as another massively undesirable trait.

The old saying about why would you buy the cow if you can get the milk for free seems to apply here.

If women demanded more from men, did not sleep around in the name of feminism, men would settle into marriage at an earlier age.

In addition to these issues, we have generations of girls and boys brought up without traditional role models to emulate. Also, marriage is a much more risky thing for men today than it was in the 40’s and the 50’s. With so many marriages ending in divorce, men are risking losing half their assets as well as access to their children when they marry.

The biological reality is that women are designed to have children in their twenties, not their thirties or forties. We cannot pursue careers like a man and then decide in our thirties and forties to settle down and start a family in the way a man can. Men can start a family no matter how old they are but we women have a biological clock and we ignore it at our peril.

My favourite genre when I want to relax is almost universally popular with women. It is called Historical Romantic fiction. Even though it is fiction it reveals a lot about how many women and men secretly think. The common theme running through all the stories can be summarised like this.

  1. Woman is a virgin
  2. Woman is looking for love
  3. Woman wants children
  4. Woman wants to be respected and desired
  5. Woman wants a man to both take care of her financially but also allow her to be independent in her decisions
  6. Woman is attracted to sexually experienced, wealthy man who does not want to commit
  7. Man desires her and wants her as his mistress
  8. Woman refuses
  9. Man pursues her and falls in love with her
  10. Man offers marriage
  11. They are blissfully happy in their respective gender roles

Feminists may look at the above and call it sexist and disgusting but if a handsome, wealthy, sexually experienced, man fell in love with them and offered marriage how many of them would say no? How many of them would say no to being home full time with the children for at least a few years if their husband was well off enough to provide that kind of a lifestyle? Being looked after and provided for is a very appealing prospect when a man loves, respects and values you as the mother of his children and desires you as his lover.

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