Want to know why Nicky Hager’s last book went nowhere?

Do you want to know why Nicky Hager’s last book went nowhere?

Roy Morgan provides us a clue.

New in-depth research exploring the concerns of New Zealanders both in New Zealand and globally found New Zealanders, like Australians, are concerned about war and terrorism on the global front. But at home in the run-up to this year?s election it?s all about the economy especially housing affordability, housing shortages, cost of living, inflation, unemployment and homelessness.

Quantified thematic analysis of the verbatim responses of a nationally representative sample of 1,000 New Zealanders found the economy and things economic to be the biggest theme to emerge.

Economic issues like poverty and the gap between the rich and poor and housing issues including house prices, housing affordability & housing shortages and the homeless or homelessness more generally dominate the issues facing New Zealand.

Economic Issues were mentioned by just under 27% of respondents with an additional 23% mentioning Housing/Homelessness Issues as the most important problems facing New Zealand ? totalling more than half of all respondents.

Three further themes emerged:

  • Social issues like Crime, Social welfare, Youth issues? were mentioned by 18% of New Zealanders;
  • Government, Public Policy and Human rights issues were mentioned by a further 13%; and
  • Environmental issues, were mentioned by just under 10% of New Zealanders.

All I have to say about that is…well, duh!

It has always been about the economy. Everything else is second. You can’t fix any of the other issues unless you get the economy right.

As for Labour chasing down the path of caring for criminals, no one cares, but even less care about issues like those raised by Nicky Hager’s work of fiction.


-Roy Morgan