The Wild & The Morgan Score – Coming Soon

In the next month Simon Lusk and I will be launching an outdoors web site & blog called ?The Wild?. We are putting the final touches on design and some content.

It will be a practical guide to hunting, fishing, butchery & cooking game, with regular updates sharing some of the best stories we find online each day, as well as our own content. ?

We also want to show our support for Gareth Morgan?s views on feral cats. Feral cats are an absolute menace to New Zealand?s biodiversity, and until Gareth made his statements about cats no one in NZ was brave enough to raise this important issue.

Big Game hunters use a variety of scoring systems for scoring the game they harvest. This includes the Douglas Score, the Boone & Crocket Score, the Pope & Young Score.

For Feral Cats in New Zealand we are creating the Morgan Score, a scoring system named in honour of Gareth Morgan and his bravery for being willing to tackle a controversial yet important issue.

The Morgan Score will be calculated by measuring dead feral cats. Measurements are in millimetres and are added to come to a total Morgan Score.

Nose to Tail Length
Tail Length
Girth at widest point
Longest Fang Length
Longest Claw Length
Tom Cat
Molly Cat
Total Score

Measurements are in mm with the exception of Tom or Molly where a Tom gets a 100mm bonus and a Molly zero because Toms can breed with multiple females so need to be killed more than females.

We have some great prizes for those who enter feral cats into the competition with the Morgan Score winner being announced on Wednesday 20th of September.

If you share our passion for preserving New Zealand?s biodiversity and would like to sponsor a prize please contact us.

We will give you plenty of free publicity in exchange, or if you want to keep a low profile we can award prizes discretely.