Winston’s next bribe: Out-greening the Greens on home insulation

New Zealand First has announced policy to insulate 53,000 homes a year until all New Zealand houses have adequate insulation.

Leader Winston Peters announced the programme in a speech to Grey Power in Hamilton, saying the Government’s Warm Up New Zealand scheme will be axed next year – despite 530,000 homes having inadequate insulation.

“We have the Prime Minister who talks big about social investment but has cut a programme that helps homes to be warm and healthy for people of limited financial means,” Peters said.

New Zealand First said its insulation programme would be a public-private partnership (PPP) and aim to insulate 53,000 homes a year at a cost of $1000 per house – totalling $530m over 10 years.

“We want an end to what was reported last week – the story of a Kapiti family who said their rental property was so mouldy, damp and hard to heat that they would be better off living in a tent,” Peters said.

“The mother said, ‘Our baby has been admitted to the hospital three times with respiratory problems. The third time it was quite bad because she ended up in ICU with bronchiolitis’. New Zealand First will work to end this shocking situation.”

The Warm Up New Zealand Healthy Homes insulation grants provide up to 50 per cent of the cost for underfloor and ceiling insulation is available only for rental properties built before 2000 where the tenants are on a low income.

One of the more confusing things about this election is that just about all parties are overlapping their policies. ? Helping the poor and the homeless is now a booming political business.

Of course, the “helping” is always done with your money.

There are very few politicians left that believe you to be the best judge of what you should do with your own money.


– Nicholas Jones, NZ Herald