August 2017

Thursday nightCap

Paul Joseph Watson destroys BBC and Burka nutjobs

Debate the Debate with us while you listen to Cam on Radio Live

Starting after the news at 9 pm on Radio Live, Cam Slater will join Mitch Harris to discuss the Leaders Debate and the election issues in general.  Tune in on your radio, or follow it online by clicking here.

Cam will check this post during breaks, so feel free to leave comments that you hope will inspire Cam to ask the right (or better) questions.   Or… provide more entertaining answers.


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NSFW: announcing a death Online


Meat that smells like money

This is why you don’t mess with Pete

Daily RoundUp

Labour leads over National in One News Colmar Brunton poll

Labour are on 43, National on 41, NZ First on 8 and Green on 5.

The election is now on a knife’s edge.  Any mistake on either side, even if it costs just 1% will be part of deciding the election result.

The momentum is with Jacinda.  Keep in mind that National generally drop a few points on election day, and my prediction of a National result starting with a 3 is not looking that unlikely now.   Read more »

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[LIVE] Whaleoil’s “TVNZ Leaders’ Debate” post

Tonight on TVNZ 1, starting at 7pm, Labour leader Jacinda Ardern and National leader Bill English will face off in a structured debate hosted and moderated by Mike Hosking.

Please keep tonight’s Backchat clear of talk about this debate.

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