Dunne in trouble, Bill’s wisdom of backing the fool backfiring

Peter Dunne is in trouble in Ohariu.

A new poll shows Peter Dunne’s support in the electorate he has held on to for 33 years has eroded, with him trailing behind Labour’s Greg O’Connor.

Q + A‘s snap poll, revealed this morning, shows 34 per cent of people said they’d vote for the United Future leader in Ohariu, compared with the former Police Association head’s 48 per cent.

Dunne has held the west-Wellington seat since 1984, originally as a Labour MP, but held it in the 2014 election by only 710 votes. He has been a support partner of the National-led Government since 2008.

When voters were asked what party they’d vote for 46 per cent said National, 35 per cent said Labour, 12 per cent said the Green Party and 4 per cent said New Zealand First, the Colmar Brunton poll showed.

Dunne told the Herald yesterday that he believed the Jacinda Ardern effect was the reason for the bad result.

No Peter, voters are sick of the sight of you.

“The question is, and it is something everyone is trying to figure out at the moment, is how deep-seated that factor is,” Dunne told the Herald on Sunday.

“Is it a phenomenon that will pass by as quickly as it arose or is it something more substantial?

“I am not going to get too carried away or excited at this stage because I think there is a lot more water to flow under a rather big bridge.”

Pulling Brett Hudson won’t work. Peter Dunne is just too long in the tooth to excite anyone anymore.

If National want to shore up this loss they actually need to stop begging voters to vote for an idiot who wears a bow tie and throw him under the bus.

Dunne is next to useless and his voting records shows it.


-NZ Herald


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