Face of the Day

Was Andrew Little brave or stupid?

Admitting he will stand down as the leader of Labour, give up the chance to win an election, and become Prime Minister?

It has to be difficult to get up every morning with the knowledge that the voters in your own electorate didn’t want you, so you are a list MP. ?Potentially the first list MP to become Prime Minister. ?But then, by an internal Labour party process you are put in charge of a party and of colleagues that – all things being equal – don’t want you either.

In fact, the harder you try, the more you do, the worse the poll result becomes.

So you offer to resign, and guess what? ? They don’t want you to do that either.

I can’t say he’s a bad man. ?Politics aside, and the fact that he’s got all the charm of a river stone on a cold night, he seems to be a decent enough bloke who just wants to fix the world in a way we don’t agree with.

I wouldn’t altogether be surprised if he will be happier outside of politics. ? He clearly was never suited for it, and the unions forcing him into the job, like they did with David Cunliffe, is clearly not working out for anyone except the Government.

For what it is worth, the working poor, the homeless and the blindly loyal have been severely screwed over by the unions. ? No wonder a lot of them think National is the best Labour party in the last decade.