Game of Thrones: NZ 2017 Election. 3 Leaders down. Will there be another?

via TVNZ

Peter Dunne has figured out that his time is up. ?He’s getting rolled in Ohariu and he’s getting rolled so hard he can’t even be bothered to hang in the race. ? He’s stopped campaigning.

On TV he was very emotional. ? He’s happy sad and confused all at once.

National have been backing Dunne and backing him hard. ? Just this weekend a letter drop went out from National telling Ohariu voters to vote for Dunne.

People inside National are very annoyed. ? They also are coming to the conclusion that they picked the wrong leader when John Key stood down.

This election has claimed the scalps of Andrew Little, Metiria Turei and now Peter Dunne.

If National looks like dropping below 40%, it’s not altogether out of the question that we’ll see a fourth leader get punted in this election.

Totally remarkable. ? The voters aren’t happy with any of them.

Fresh faces bring new hope.

Yeah?Bill, but only this weekend you were personally pushing for people to give their electorate vote to Dunne. ?People are starting to see that you don’t know what’s going on under your own nose.