Garner on the Green collapse

Duncan Garner looks at the collapse of the Greens:

Cleverly, Labour looks to have inoculated itself from their bed-pals, the hapless Greens and their spectacular own goal and collapse.

Inoculated? More like excised the green cancer.

The Greens have had their worst week in 20 years. They didn’t so much stumble as walked off the cliff without a parachute.

With a good helpful kick in the pants from Labour operatives.

Their wimpy, sycophantic, stupid and blind loyalty to Metiria Turei’s poorly judged and selfish benefit fraud campaign is only just being felt. She had to go as co-leader, but the damage has already been done.

It’s a triple whammy. Lose your co-leader, lose two other MPs, lose your support.

It took too long for Turei to go. The Greens now risk not making it back at all. And it all rests with co-leader James Shaw, who has been Turei’s biggest supporter.

Shaw has been damaged by this too – he’ll do well to get the Greens five or six per cent on election night. His inexperience shone out this week.

And that’s the National Party’s big hope. Claim and claim again that the Left is in tatters. Ironically, Labour has never been this united.

So we now have 45 days to go.

English says it won’t come down to personality. Whatever, Bill. It’s crucial. Ask John Key.

Bill English is a tool.

If James Shaw showed political inexperience, wait until Jacinda Ardern starts showing hers too.




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