Green Party candidate Leilani Tamu isn’t a fan of personal responsibility

Last time we wrote about Green Party candidate Leilani Tamu’s racism tinted glasses and we pointed out that her view of the rejection of ex Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei was that she was a victim of a “predominantly Pakeha media scrum” who wanted to see a  ” Māori woman on her knees begging for mercy”

Identity politics and a failure to hold people accountable for their actions seems to be part and parcel of how Tamu views almost everything.

Tamu does not appear to be a fan of personal responsibility as she doesn’t hold Metiria Turei responsible for her choices in life and she blames the government 100% for what has happened to this “Pasifika” family.

Both she and the paper bring race into the story. What has race got to do with what happened to this couple? I never read of white skinned Kiwis described as a “Pakeha couple” or a “Pakeha family” in the papers. Why is it that this couple’s Pasifika ethnicity is mentioned as if it is pertinent to the story?




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