Idiot Local Board Member doesn’t understand Council spending

Just reading that makes your BS detector go off, doesn’t it?

Phelan Pirrie was apparently an ACT man, but has basically become Phil Goff’s mouthpiece on the Rodney Local Board. He thinks ratepayers should pay rates then pay a special targeted rate to cover core council responsibilities in their area including roads.

What’s more he seems unable to understand council debt when he goes on about average rates in Auckland.  

Thanks to Jo Holmes we know that Auckland Council has run up massive debt even as they have increased rates since the foundation of the Supercity.

Key findings for Auckland

The report exposes Auckland Council’s debt: now $22,189 per ratepayer. That’s more than three times the national average of $6,989. Even with low interest rates, $839 of everyone’s rates is now required just to service Auckland Council’s borrowing.

And Auckland Council is chronically over staffed.

Ratepayers’ Report also reveals that Auckland Council has the second-highest ratio of staff per residential ratepayer when compared to other unitary councils – one staff member for every 69 residential properties.

Phelan Pirie needs to start thinking about his reelection chances and stop thinking that spending other peoples money is a good idea.


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