James Shaw gets a George-lashing

Whaleoil stalwart George writes

Open letter to James Shaw:
When you were appointed Green Party Co-leader on May 30 2015 I had a glimmer of hope when I noted that your career involved corporate management consultancy. At last, I though, the Greens’ had a leader who has experience in the real world of commerce. A leader who was likely to steer the Greens away from their extreme socialist agenda. But what impressed me most was, you had a degree in Business Leadership. At last, a real leader. James, I hope the University had a money back guarantee if their product was found faulty. Your Business Leadership Degree has been found to be worthless. If ever there was an example of how not to handle a crisis, you provided it.

When Turei admitted benefit fraud on the 16 July, at your annual conference, it was not the first time you were alerted to it. There had to have behind the scene’s discussion prior. This is when you should have taken charge. You were alerted to a historical crime. You were in possession of information that was now a problem for you. You had to make a decision and you made the wrong one. Loyalty is admirable but not when it is dispersed to a criminal. The rest is history. You dug a hole so deep that your own integrity was being scrutinised in equal measures to Turei’s and you were found wanting and rudderless. There were so many errors of judgement along the way. Turei is gone, but half the problem remains, you.

James, it has been a horrendous month for you. But it could have been the making of you. Cometh the man cometh the hour. But you were hijacked by a manipulative colleague and this sadly exposed a weakness that won’t be forgotten nor forgiven. Sound leadership is instinctive not taught.

You fell so short.


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