Labour policy flop: Regions with least swimmable rivers to receive less funding

Labour – Let’s answer this – why will regions with the least swimmable rivers receive less funding to clean them up?

IrrigationNZ is continuing to challenge the logic of Labour’s water tax proposal, after finding that regions with more swimmable rivers will receive more funding from the water tax, while those with the least swimmable rivers will receive less funding to clean up rivers.

“We pointed out to Labour in our meeting with them yesterday that region’s with more irrigated land actually have more swimmable rivers, while areas with lower proportions of irrigated land have more rivers graded poor for swimming,” says IrrigationNZ Chief Executive. “The data doesn’t support the idea that irrigation is a main cause of river pollution.”

Oh man.  Don’t use facts.   Labour say farmers, horticulture and all the other evil producers of GDP are to blame.  So they must be responsible.   

“Labour told us at that meeting that they propose charging 2 cents per 1,000 litres of water on irrigators will be spent within that region. When we ran the numbers on what regions would receive in funding it produces some really ridiculous outcomes where regions with really poor river quality end up with hardly any money, while other regions have more than they could spend.”

“So for example, Marlborough has quite a lot of irrigated land and would receive $2.4 million from the tax. But 90% of its rivers are already classed as good or excellent for swimming by the Ministry for the Environment with only 1% graded as poor. So would there be enough projects to actually spend that money?”

I guess the Marlborough council will make the rivers even cleaner by swimming in the money instead?

This water policy doesn’t exist.  It needs to be made up after the election.  As with many other Labour ideas, they have no idea what to do, so they want you to elect them so they can have meetings about how to fix things.

Jacinda’s assumption that the more irrigation there is along a river, the more it will be polluted is just that – an assumption.

Labour aren’t a Government in Waiting.  They are a steering committee looking for a job.




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