Do not underestimate the money making power of laughter

On my facebook page I watched one of those split videos where it shows one person reacting to the video of someone else. On GoFundMe a man posted a video of himself lip syncing a love song to a box of fried chicken. His fundraising goal was $1 and his blurb read…

I love Fried Chicken and I’m starting to choose Chicken over my rent, friends and family. I’m thinking about selling my car so I can buy Chicken everyday! Anything will help, I’m Willing to be homeless so I can buy a couple Legs a Day

One woman on facebook was so outraged that GoFundMe was being used to promote such an unworthy cause that she posted an angry video about it. The fried chicken guy then posted this video.

Whether or not you agree with him using GoFundMe in this way one thing is for sure, making people smile or laugh opens their wallets. As I type this he has raised $2182 for his fried chicken addiction.

Obviously, I’m addicted to blogging. I started out just reading blogs and then I started commenting and before I knew it I was contributing to New Zealand’s number one blog! I couldn’t stop. People commenting on my posts made me want to write more and more. My fundraising goal is ten new subscriptions so that I can pay for necessary stuff like Sunday brunch at a cafe with my Editor to ensure that he continues to let me write and blogging gear like new flannel Pajamas and woolly slippers so I am comfortable when I blog. You know, the basics.

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