Q: What is worse than election night coverage on television?

A: A whole night with Duncan Garner, Patrick Gower and Lisa Owen telling you about the results.

If I recollect correctly, in 2014 the TV3 (now Newshub) coverage was definitely the worst pick and most people went with TVNZ.  

After all, they have that dear old Victoria University academic with his iPad showing us all what the results will look like.  How could we not have election coverage without Nigel Roberts?

Whaleoil will be running a Live Post for the evening too.  For those of us political multi-screeners.

TV3 will broadcast the Leaders Debate September 4 at 8:30 pm, and as you would expect, Whaleoil will have a Live Post following along with that as well.


Afterthought:  We should run a Whaleoil Election Night Bingo Card.   Get creative and suggest what we should look out for.  You know, phrases like  “Too early to call…” and “Shock result”.


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