A reader emails about Labour’s water tax

A reader emails:

If Labour are going to tax water at what point will a Govt take ownership of the water to tax?  Will it be at rainfall and so people suffering flood damage be able to bill the Government for sustained damage?

Fish and Game have made a big play on Dirty Dairying. Will License holders be asked to pay a water tax for their endeavour?

No, it would seem Labour propose its tax take after Joe Bloggs takes financial risk to utilise water to insure production against drought  or increase production or establish new use for water.

The Crown, I believe, cannot take ownership of water as it is a natural product belonging to the use of all including animals, trees, insects fish etc. But, unless somebody shows initiative, invests -takes risk and harnesses that water for projected profitable production it runs out to sea a natural process.

It is fair that society regulates water take to share its use efficiently.  Environment, fish, trees etc

Water is a recycled product? A religious person would say God is the owner of this process!!

So, if Labour going to assume the Greens Gaia (God) role and tax water under who’s authority?

This beginning to sound like a CIVIL WAR project

There is always a cost with water for human use/reward. It never comes free.

Council rates and infrastructure attest to what I say, for the average urban punter.

Rural people also face costs whether for a domestic supply to a large irrigation scheme.

Everybody benefits from water from Town to Country.

Labour are playing to the latte sipping liberals in Ponsonby and Wellington, they simply don’t care about rural New Zealand.

They have labeled ALL farmers as polluters irrespective of what they actually farm.

To cap off the stupidity, producers and users of water like Coke are going to be exempt from their dodgy, nasty tax.




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