Sources say more than $80,000 over four years while Turei was on benefit

fraud metiria turei

Yesterday Metiria Turei resigned.

Checkpoint at Radio NZ reported:

Today Checkpoint was contacted by a person close to Metiria Turei during the time she was on the DPB.

The person (who Checkpoint has agreed not to name) strongly alleged that Metiria Turei had received significant support from her daughter’s grandparents during the period in which she was on the DPB.

And they angrily suggested this was contrary to the narrative about her poverty that Metiria Turei had made public in her now famous speech at the Green Party AGM, on July 16.

In short, they asserted that Metiria Turei had sufficient support to mean she did not need to lie to WINZ about her circumstances.

The accusations were emailed to Metiria Turei so she could respond.

We would not have gone to air without a response.

A short time ago Mrs Turei spoke to the programme, and resigned as co-leader of the Green Party.

A short time after she resigned I was also contacted by a person who claimed to be one of the sources of Radio NZ.

They told me that their family had provided more than $80,000 to Metiria Turei over four years while she was claiming the DPB.

If that is the case Work and Income must prosecute her, she has not committed a small fraud, it was a planned and deliberate fraud perpetrated on the taxpayer and at odds with her claims of poverty.

If she had resigned with some humility instead of the arrogance and entitlement she showed then I doubt I would have been contacted.

Metiria Turei has brought this all on herself but continues to play the victim card when she is nothing but a shabby liar and fraud.

Good riddance.


-RadioNZ, Sources


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