Westcity Bible Baptist Church tests our Free Speech laws

Caution:  this man holds a speech for a number of people.  He labels himself a Pastor and the people will think of themselves as the congregation.

Susan Devoy wants what this man has said to result in criminal charges and convictions.

Police have released a press release saying they are “taking it seriously”.  

No matter how much you may disagree with his views, we must not fall into the trap of leaping on the liberal bandwagon by defining “hate speech”.

Because one day, they will come to Whaleoil, and lock me up.

Simply because they don’t agree with what I say.

However repulsive this man is to you, and however much his ideas may upset you, I will defend his rights to hold those views, speak those views, and lead a law abiding life congregating with people that agree with him.

This is Free Speech, warts and all.

The answer to this isn’t to silence the man, nor is it to lock him up.   Nor is it to make certain speech illegal.

I will defend that man’s rights to a peaceful assembly to say anything he likes.  No matter how much I disagree with his views.


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