Yeah that’ll work, Sue Bradford says the Greens need to go hard left

Sue Bradford says the Greens can recover but they have to go hard left:

Former Green Party MP Sue Bradford says all is not lost for the party, suggesting its new strategy should be moving “left of the left of the Greens.”   

But political commentator Matthew Hooton says the Greens are in danger of not returning to Parliament at all after September’s election.

Last night, two separate polls showed support for the Greens had plummeted after a turbulent couple of weeks.

A Reid-Research poll had the party at 8.3%, down from 13% and a UMR poll showed support had slipped from 15% to 8%.

Dr Bradford says to win back the support the party had following its AGM last month, it needs to stop chasing votes in the centre.

“[The Greens should] not be sucked once again into thinking they should continue to compete with Labour, New Zealand First and the National Party for the middle and right-wing voters.”

She says some of the fall in the party’s support would have been down to the “Jacinda effect’ – Greens voters jumping ship to Labour after Jacinda Ardern took over as leader – and some would have been because people were not happy with co-leader Metiria Turei’s  admission of benefit fraud.

“But I also think they have an opportunity now, which they have created for themselves over the past few weeks, to build on the strong support they have shown for seriously attacking the brutal nature of our welfare system.”

She says support will come from what she says is “the left to the left of the Greens.”

She said they were people who have never voted before as they have been too “disenfranchised.”

“That’s beneficiaries, low-wage workers, Maori and Pacific Islanders – people who have been totally disenfranchised.”

Ms Bradford accused the party of being “too right wing” after it committed to a set of budget responsibility rules with Labour in March.

She’s wrong, but she’s never been a smart one has our Sue.

She obviously has a bad case of wishful thinking, and hasn’t read or understood what the polls are showing…that Kiwi voters hate thieving, entitled, bludgers.

But hey, god loves a trier.




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