September 2017

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I was a human experiment during the Holocaust

Until Winston decides on a government: Whaleoil’s ZIT of the Day

We can’t have a series on zits, blackheads and pus without also taking a little segue into this classic

In case you missed it on telly

Best comment:  In america, this man would have been shot 13 1/2 times and then handcuffed

Saturday Documentary: Home metals are created

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Where the HECK am I?

New Zealand Political quote Quiz

Ten reasons why PETA has woolly thinking

Woolly-headed PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) which is a worldwide animal rights group has accused the wool industry of abusing sheep and has launched an ad campaign urging consumers not to buy wool products.

[…] PETA president Ingrid Newkirk alleges the wool industry is rife with cruelty […]

“The shearers, a lot of them are on amphetamines because they have to work at speed. Men punching these sheep. They smash them on their backs, they punch them on their face,”

But Federated Farmers has called it “shear crazy […]

“Our wool industry is globally renowned for quality and ethics, unlike PETA which has a particular worldview that they want everyone to conform to and, it’s obvious they don’t care how they go about achieving that,” said spokesman Miles Anderson.

He says shearing is good for sheep – it can prevent flies laying eggs on their skin and stops them having to carry heavy fleece over summer.


Here are ten reasons why PETA have woolly thinking when it comes to this non-issue.

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