ADMINISTRATIVE NOTICE for Whaleoil commenters

I just removed a number of comments that amounted to “I agree”.

Now that we are at the other end of the election, I’ve asked the moderators to tighten up on implementing the commenting rules.

If your comment fails the “does this add anything new or interesting for most other readers” test, it is likely to be deleted.    

But worse, I’ve asked the moderators to hand out 1 week commenting suspensions just to make sure that our comments remain a good read for everyone.  It’s one of Whaleoil’s Unique Selling Points, and occasionally we need to slap some wrists just to make sure it doesn’t drift.

A good test to apply is:  Did I write it to please myself?  Did I write to only respond to the person I am responding to.  If ‘yes’, then it’s not good enough.   Remember you need to inform, entertain and delight hundreds if not thousands of readers.  Respect their time.  Respect their attention.

As you were. :)


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