With attitudes towards voters like this it is no wonder Gareth Morgan bombed

Gareth Morgan

Gareth Morgan takes one in a clacker and now joins Colin Craig and Kim Dotcom as wealthy losers.

The Opportunities Party leader Gareth Morgan says New Zealanders’ self-interest is screwing over younger people and the poor as he tips a National landslide early on election night.

After 22.5 per cent of the vote was counted on Saturday, National’s 46.1 per cent put it in the driving seat over Labour’s 36.2 per cent.

TOP, founded 10 months ago by economist Mr Morgan, had 2 per cent of the party vote, making it the fifth most popular party.

Mr Morgan, at the TOP event in Wellington, just after 8pm, picked a National victory.

“We are looking down the barrel here of a landslide National victory, which tells me the status quo will rule,” he told Newshub.

“What TOP is all about is challenging the status quo and basically saying the property-owning elite, and the people on New Zealand Super are ripping off the youth and the younger people of this country because of the tax breaks.

Self-interest rules, and looking after the other person is pretty low now on New Zealand’s priorities. I’m pretty disappointed in New Zealanders.

They are screwing the younger generation. They are screwing the people in poverty and it’s all on the back of tax profits.”

The biggest driver of the average voter was self-interest, Mr Morgan said.

“I’m not very proud of a society that holds that in such high regard… not when we’ve got the sort of social dysfunction that we have. I’m not proud of that at all, I’m ashamed of it.”

What a complete cock.

Good riddance.




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