Auckland swung to National

Despite all the talk of unaffordable housing, unchecked immigration and gridlocked roads, their is no mood for change in our biggest city. Or if there is, none of the other parties are doing anything to capture it.

National’s party vote held firm or increased in all but a handful of Auckland’s electorates.

The main exceptions were Mt Albert (Jacinda Ardern’s electorate) and Auckland Central, which saw one of the biggest swings to Labour in the country.

All 10 of the electorates in which support for National increased by more than 2 points were in Auckland.

That Labour got as far as they did was a miracle.  After bashing Asian New Zealand voters for buying homes, after killing any chance of support in the rural sector, they also decided to introduce a capital gains tax that would apply to your children when they sell your house after your death. Everyone that owned one home, let alone a bach or an investment property ran for the hills.

This is the problem with ideologically-driven campaigns.  Unless you sit down and do your numbers, you’re likely to be putting more people off voting for you than you actually gain.

Although Phil Chinky Twyford survived, his majority was cut from 2813 to 2055.  That may not sound too bad, but this is against the backdrop of a Labour party resurgence from the mid-20s into the mid-30s.

Voters do remember.  And you cannot come for voters just because it makes for a political stick to beat an issue with.  A much better managed Labour and Jacinda together would have been a totally different prospect.

We really do reap the rewards of a lazy and indifferent top echelon at Labour that don’t think they have to work hard because it’s “obviously their turn”.


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