The benign strategic environment

Guest post

In May of 2001 Helen Clark infamously stated that NZ lived in a benign strategic environment as she scrapped our fighter wing and gutted our military.

Now that Helen Clark is again back in New Zealand and manipulating the puppet strings in Labour maybe it’s time that we had a look at our strategic environment and see how accurate her assessment was.

Since May 2001 the following have occurred. (highlights only!) ?

1. 9/11 the day that lives in infamy.
2. The Bali bombings
3. The war in Afghanistan (16 years and counting)
4. Iraq, Libya and Syria.
5. China’s invasion of the South China sea.
6. Australian boat people.
7. The Islamic invasion of Europe.
8. Multiple Islamic terrorist attacks in the US, UK and Europe.
9. Multiple Islamic terrorist attacks in Australia.
10. The Islamic invasion of the Philippines.
11. Potential nuclear war with North Korea.

Very benign!

Why is this important?

Well the main reason is that those that do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

Helen Clark led a government that openly snubbed our greatest allies – the USA, UK and Australia.

She was derisive of the US government and our inter government and military co-operation was at an all time low.

She was derisive of the UK and snubbed our head of state.

She refused to co-operate with the Australian government over immigration and caused that government to enact draconian laws against NZ’s living in Australia – to protect their social welfare system!

In contrast, Clark as PM, fawned over China and Islamic countries in the middle East and of course, the UN.

The questions I want answered from Jacinda Ardern are the following.

1. Do you agree with Andrew Little that military spending should be diverted to help with welfare.
2. What is your stance on working with the USA – do you favour the current governments position or will you revert to Helen Clarks policies?
3. What position is your government going to take on:
a) Palestine and Israel
b) Military co-operation with Australia. the US and the UK.
c) China and the South China sea.
d) North Korea (remembering it is an armistice, and that a resumption of hostilities would be between NK and the UN, not just the USA and SK)
e) Boat people and refugees

All those voting on the 23rd September need to understand that a vote for Cindy may well be a vote to return to the policies of Clark – policies that would do extreme harm to our economy in todays strategic environment.

In my opinion, Clark’s goals will not have changed – but the world of today is a very different place from 2001 and the damage that can be done to NZ inc. could be irreparable.

Cam is right, life will go on after the 23rd September – however my problem is that I cannot see it improving under a labour government ? it is more likely to be life that we hardly recognise and certainly not in positive terms!


– Rosco