Be careful what you wish for with Water Tax

A new survey says that more than 50% of people want ALL users to pay for water. Yes, that means you…city dwellers.

The majority of New Zealanders want farmers to be taxed for taking water from the environment, a new survey shows.

Who should pay for water has been a flash point for voters ahead of Saturday’s election, with farmers protesting Labour’s proposed water tax.

The results of a new Water New Zealand survey show the vast majority of Kiwis want commercial water users to be charged, and are concerned about the quality of waterways.

Seventy seven per cent of those surveyed said agriculture and horticulture users should pay for water, as did 77 per cent of participants living in rural communities.

Fifty nine per cent of respondents said that all water users should pay, and 42 per cent of respondents thought they were already paying for water use.

A clear majority, 89 per cent, thought bottled water companies and similar industries should pay.

“Interestingly, these responses are consistent across city, regional and rural regions,” Water New Zealand said in the survey report, released on Wednesday.

The survey asked 4500 New Zealanders a series of 31 questions from May 1 to June 16, 2017.

Respondents were predominantly city dwellers, 73 per cent, a fifth lived in rural communities, 20 per cent, and the minority in regional towns, seven per cent living.

Auckland voters may think they already pay for water, but they don’t. Water rates pay for treatment and reticulation only, not the actual water.

If farmers are going to be taxed on the water they consume then so should you…welcome to tax increases if Labour and the Greens get their hands on the levers of power.

Then there is the Maori claims that will flow (snort) from taxing water.




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