Colin Craig smacked with costs, used law suit for “ulterior motive”

Colin Craig has been smacked severely with a costs award against him.

Former Conservative Party leader Colin Craig has been ordered to pay more than $17,000 in costs to a woman he tried to sue for defamation.

Mr Craig tried to sue his former employee, Jacky Stiekema, for $240,000 over comments she had made on Facebook in September 2015.

But the case was thrown out by a District Court judge, who said Ms Stiekema’s comments had not been widely disseminated, and they were unlikely to have had any effect on Mr Craig’s reputation.

In a decision released today, Judge Harrison awarded Ms Stiekema $17,600 in costs.

Mr Craig has appealed the judge’s original decision to throw out the case.

He’s going backwards and getting quite the reputation before the courts now.

What Colin Craig did to Mrs. Stiekema is awful. He is out for vengeance and flailing away at anyone who dares speak the truth about him.

The courts are starting to wise up to his multiple law suits and to why he is doing it.

Meanwhile, we still wait for the judgment of Toogood J. It is now 15 weeks since the trial.