The Commentariat is very frustrating this election

Guest Post

I do find the commentariat very frustrating these elections – including you Cam – for missing some very basic facts.

The fact that they have had nine years has been repeated ad nauseum to fix the housing problem, and the transport, and the social issues.  No, they haven’t!

When they were elected New Zealand was not gaining huge number of new migrants.  New Zealanders were still leaving in droves, and housing was not a particular issue.  We were not receiving our crooks back from Oz with their social problems, and many kiwis living in Oz still received care and support from the Australian system.  As the Australian Government tightened the noose against those who required support, they came home – and we unexpected had an influx of people who had no where to live, extra health care costs etc.   

So from having just enough houses we went very quickly to a deficit situation and the house prices soared.  Certainly the National party was slow to recognise the problem and start putting pressure on Councils to free up the land etc, but it was not nine years behind the eight ball – more like five years.  And of course the Quake and the GFC reduced capacity for four or five years.

As the economy recovered and more and more migrants arrived here, our own didn’t leave, and others came back, we went from losing numbers to growing them.

So it should have been reframed as a success from “such and such date.”  I am sure the researchers can come up with a definitive date as to when National could start to “fix “ the problems.  The problems of housing, people living in cars and overseas crooks returning were not there at the time of the 2008 elections.

It is probably a bit late now. But reframing might have made all the difference.


-Frances Denz MNZM


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