Face of the Day

Proof Bill English no longer has the clout he had a few months ago.

Paddy Gower observes

If you want evidence that National is losing its grip, look no further than Bill English’s failure to slap down Simon O’Connor.

Bill English should have come out in the media today and criticised O’Connor’s ill-advised Facebook rant.

His failure to do so shows National’s killer instinct is gone – Bill English and his advisors were asleep on this one.

Worse, no amount of pressure applied to O’Connor could make Simon apologise. ? Of course, the rot has set in a while ago. ?He even tried it on with Foreign Minister Gerry Brownlee who had stated his support for Israel. ?English came out and said Gerry was wrong and was “still getting used to the language”.

Bill English is more isolated now than ever before.

Worse, most National MPs have come to terms with the idea that they will lose now.


– Newshub