Face of the Day

Metiria Turei has nothing but naked contempt for the majority of law-abiding, hard-working and decent New Zealanders.  Here she was, with her best co-friend, talking to the guaranteed voter base of society’s victims in South Auckland.

Metiria Turei has returned to the election stage with a speech decrying how cruel and unfair New Zealand has become.

The Green MP has spoken at an anti-poverty rally in the Otara town centre in south Auckland this afternoon.

Some in the crowd held signs saying “I Stand With Metiria” and there were loud cheers when Turei rose to speak.

There are many politicians that I can respect as people even though I think their view for the world is very wrong.   It is rare for me to carry a deep disgust for a politician.  Metiria has achieved this lofty position.

She is a parasite.  Always has been, is, always will be.

Anything this woman gets that she hasn’t earned is now stolen.   On the basis that she’s been presenting herself as something completely different to what she really is.

Has there ever been a bigger fraud in New Zealand politics?  I can’t think of anyone.

She should front up at a large RSA and tell those people life’s not fair.


– Stuff


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