Face of the Day

Meet Gary Morgan. ?The Man At The Top at Roy Morgan Research. ?He may be, in the end, the most powerful influencer of how this election turned out. ?His company’s poll came out with the exact right numbers for right-leaning voters.

As the country?s leading pollster, Gary Morgan is seen as having his finger on the pulse of issues… He is often called upon to provide political and social comment, his research-based understanding of public opinion being sought after by the press, television, radio and leading bloggers and online commentators.

Well, I think he should hide in his office for the day. ?Even though I have no doubt there has not been anything shady going on, the end result is that the widely swinging poll, and specifically its timing, is hugely damaging to the Labour party.

That has to be the shoddiest bit of polling yet. ? It wouldn’t surprise me if the left will accuse Roy Morgan of deliberately screwing with the election in favour of National.

If polling companies world-wide would like to keep their business, they are going to have to figure out why their methods are no longer delivering the results they used to.