That good old left-wing double standard rears its ugly head again

First of all, I want to make it really clear that what New Zealand comedian Jeremy Elwood tweeted is a free speech issue. If people don’t like his tweet then they can be offended all they like. They can also stop following his twitter feed or choose to not go to his shows if they don’t like his brand of humour.  Humour by its very nature is going to offend someone. I am not condemning what Jeremy Elwood said. I am simply going to point out the left-wing double standard.

All you smart cunt lefties who went Green or TOP? Fuck you with a barbed wired dildo.

—  (@JeremyElwood) September 23, 2017




Despite some people virtue signalling themselves silly condemning Elwood’s tweet, the left-wing blogs are silent. These are the same blogs who went nuts when MP Judith Collins made the following comment about looters.

Police Minister Judith Collins said the actions of looters was akin to “people who rob the dead”.

She expected to see the judiciary throw the book at looters.

“I hope they go to jail for a long time – with a cellmate.”


Another politician at the time also had strong views about looters but then Labour Leader Phil Goff only had sunlight shone on his comments by Whaleoil and No Right Turn.

I saw the army out in the street and I thought court martial, firing squads you just can’t believe how low a small minority of people can get,


Even the International MSM joined in the leftie outrage when John Key was cornered by a radio station into taking part in a soap in the shower joke.

[…] if someone said something ten times worse than that, such as stating they hoped that all those on the left who didn’t vote for Jacinda be f***ed with a barbed wire d**do

[…] then surely this would be front page news as it gets condemned by everyone?

[…]  If someone of high profile on the right had tweeted that, they would be on every news bulletin, Rape Crisis would be angrily denouncing their insensitivity towards rape etc etc. But as he is a media darling, who is “in” with all the journalists they don’t even give it a mention. In fact his weekly column with Stuff will of course be unaffected. Fairfax will have no problem with a columnist who wishes a barbed wire d**do on those who voted the wrong way, just as the Herald has no problem with columnists who say they want to break the legs of people they disagree with. So long as you are on the left, you have immunity from consequence.

-Kiwi Blog


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