The Great White Male

Great White Shark smile, Sharks may have the healthiest teeth in the animal kingdom, it turns out.

Like the Great White Shark, the Great White Male is viewed in two completely different ways. On the one hand, he is held up as a powerful member of the patriarchy who has ” privilege” but on the other hand, he is attacked without mercy for the colour of his skin and his gender.

Attacks on Great White Men are pretty common in New Zealand. Similar attacks on any other skin colour or gender would not be tolerated but strangely it is considered politically correct to judge a person based on their skin colour and gender if they are a Great White Male. Like with the slaughter of a Great White Shark very few people shed a tear when white men are discriminated against or treated badly. In fact, many seem to think that it is a big joke and that they deserve it.

Personally, I’ve pretty much had a gutsful with arguments and ad hominem attacks that treat an opinion as less valid because the person expressing it happens to be… a white male. Yes, folks, run screaming into the hills right now. But, I have read stories, opinion pieces and countless social media posts criticising people’s ideas, where this argument raises its head solely as a means of discrediting someone’s point of view.

My recent experience of this was in relation to an opinion I wrote about Metiria Turei. In my case, criticism it seemed to be based on an assumption that as a white male, I apparently come from a position of privilege and so can’t possibly relate to the plight of someone like Turei. So I was therefore not sufficiently qualified to have an opinion.

-NZ Herald

Being a white male doesn’t tick any diversity boxes despite the fact that white cultures are extremely diverse.

No caption

Rohan Lord suspects being a white, middle class male counted against him. Photo: NZ Olympic Committee

Being a “white, middle-class male” meant Rohan Lord had no future in the Labour Party, the former East Coast Bays candidate says.

Mr Lord withdrew from the race yesterday, after being placed 72 on the party list.

[…] “Wrapping it all up really, there’s probably limited future prospects.”

I’m white, middle class, male, I couldn’t really see a long term future.”

[…] Mr Lord said he thought the party wanted a cross-representation of all parts of the community and he didn’t fit the bill.

[…] Labour leader Andrew Little told Morning Report the party did want diversity and had worked hard to achieve it.


Negative attitudes towards white men because of the colour of their skin are not helped by those white men who subscribe to the narrative that a person’s skin colour matters.

 I’m a privileged white male, and it’s people just like me who prevent us all from moving past those inequities. We remain the gatekeepers.

[…]  I am part of the powerful majority. I’m one of the privileged white males able to actually make things better for those without such incumbent privilege.


In New Zealand being a white male can actually make it harder to get a job as “diversity” focused companies go out of their way to select staff based on their skin colour and gender rather than their experience and qualifications.

For Carlson, it is important to take a hardline stance of having a ”diversity loop” right at the recruitment process.

“If you are trying to hire people and you have a loop of three [candidates], and they are all white males, you just say, ‘do we have a better group that we can interview’?  We need better diversity in that group,” Carlson states.


Left-wing blogs in New Zealand seem to have a real loathing for white males which is pretty incomprehensible since most left-wing bloggers are white males. 

After their first attempt to assassinate Metiria’s character failed and the Greens went up in the polls and just after their horrific sexism in demanding to know about Jacinda’s baby plans, rich white privileged male broadcasters are again denigrating Metiria with the treachery of Clendon and Kennedy.

You get the feeling that rich white male broadcasters in NZ won’t be happy until Metiria is forced to do this


If you are wondering where the discrimination against and loathing of white males will lead us you only have to have a look at Canada where a very well known Great White Male has been banned from the classroom.

The Peel District School board in Ontario is getting rid of Shakespeare. Because, they say, he’s white, and many students in the class are visible minorities.

So, obviously, they can’t read him.

Because we now have literature apartheid. You’re only allowed to read people from your own race I guess. Probably only those from your own sex, too. And your own sexual orientation.

[…] Any fool who thinks banishing Shakespeare is acceptable in schools is someone clearly who does not understand Shakespeare’s role in our language, our culture, our thinking:

“As good luck would have it” — he invented that phrase. “Bated breath.” “Be-all and end-all.” “Brave new world.” “Dead as a doornail.” “Eaten me out of house and home.” “Forever and a day.” Even the phrase “for goodness’ sake.” The phrases “full circle,” “good riddance,” “heart of gold,” “In my heart of hearts,” “in my mind’s eye,” “Kill with kindness.”

And he just plain old invented words from scratch:

Addiction. Amazement. Bedroom. Buzzer. Epileptic. Eyeball. Gloomy. Fashionable. Champion. Gossip. Puking. In all, 1,700 words.

[…] Yet these know-nothings would ban it.

I think I know why. Yes, it’s because of their pathological race-based identity politics. Yes, it’s because they despise our western traditions and our western heritage of literature and culture.

-Rebel Media

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If you agree with me that’s nice, but what I really want to achieve is to make you question the status quo, look between the lines and do your own research. Do not be a passive observer in this game we call life.

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