Hate Speech is the new Black

How obsessed are online corporations and the MSM with hate speech? Here are some examples I found on gab.ai to show you just how bad it is. The people who get away with so-called hate speech and the ones punished for it may surprise you.

  1. A Priest was suspended on Facebook for Sharing politically incorrect thoughts about Islam.

2. Online media site Salon proved with its own headlines that not only are white people under attack but media just like them are responsible for fanning the flames.

screenshot from Gab.ai -Whaleoil

3. Whistleblowers who point out serious violations of social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram get their accounts shut down instead.

My colleagues in the media tried to say M-103 was a toothless motion. Yet here we are, having a committee hearing. Then they said it would never lead to suppression of speech. Yet look what just happened.

This is a dangerous game we’re playing. Everyone’s free to disagree with Quebec talk radio, Ezra Levant and Tarek Fatah until the cows come home. But prosecution?!


4. Those in the new media who criticise Islam have their speech suppressed and censored.


5. Domestic terror group ANTIFA promote hate and violence against President Trump and the police while claiming to be both anti-hate speech and anti-fascism.

6. Online corporations like Twitter have one rule for conservative and libertarian account holders and another for those with left-wing opinions. They kick conservatives off their platforms while ignoring rule breaking attacks on conservatives by the left wing that would be labelled ” hate speech” if the roles were reversed.



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