Herald looks for conspiracy in Eminem case

The NZ Herald is looking for all sorts of conspiracies:

The High Court decision on whether the National Party ripped off Eminem seems to be running late, as the wait for a verdict goes well past the usual time limit.

National is accused of using a backing track for a 2014 election ad that was too similar to Eminem’s song Lose Yourself, therefore infringing copyright.

Justice Helen Cull reserved her decision on May 12 – noting at the time that decisions were usually delivered within three months.

That three-month deadline was reached on August 12, not long before Parliament was dissolved and the election campaign period began on August 22.

It is now more than four months since the decision was reserved.

The Herald has formally asked the High Court if the verdict has been delayed because of its political sensitivity in the election period.

There has been no response so far.

I had a hearing on 9-10 February this year to strike out the troughers case against me. That is seven months and 12 days to hear if Justice Palmer thinks that being sued for calling someone a trougher or mad warrants millions of dollars and weeks upon weeks of court time. Still waiting.

I finished my case with Colin Craig on May 26 2017. That is three months and 27 days. It will be four months if the judgment is delivered by the end of the month.

There is another case that is still awaiting a judgment for more than two years in the Human Right Review Tribunal.

So, is there a conspiracy like the NZ Herald is hoping, or are the courts just so dreadfully behind in issuing judgments? Personally I go for cock-up over conspiracy.

It does raise a rather valid question about the Court’s recent activism over disallowing jury trials for defamation cases. A defendant should expect a speedy resolution. In my case I wanted a jury trial but Colin Craig opposed that after losing badly to Jordan Williams in a jury trial. Jordan Williams’ trial lasted four weeks and he had a verdict at the end of it. My trial lasted four weeks and now nearly four months later there is still no resolution. The strike out application was just two days in the High Court, and yet here we are more than seven months later.

Justice delayed is justice denied.


-NZ Herald


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