Hey there Newbie, Welcome to Whaleoil

Hey there Newbie

Welcome to Whaleoil. We are a very friendly community and if you want to get to know your fellow Whaleoilers I recommend that you try out Whaleoil Backchat in the evening and Whaleoil General Debate in the morning.

We can be politically incorrect but as you will soon discover our content is not at all what you were led to believe.

We have a wide range of content and don’t think that humour and politics are mutually exclusive.


Our moderation team ensures that readers can comment secure in the knowledge that they will not be mocked, ridiculed or insulted and our comment section is enjoyable to read.

We are an addiction for many and we work hard to keep it that way.

Keep reading us, maybe tip your toes in the water and comment and have a bit of fun.

When you are ready and when we have earned your trust perhaps you can ask yourself if you get at least 32c a day value from your time with us?

For that 32c we will even throw in something extra.

We will remove the ads in order to speed up the loading time on all your mobile devices and your computer when viewing us.

Isn’t that alone worth 32c a day?

When you are ready you know what to do.