Humorous Australian Lamb ad brings religion to the table

The Australians have released an ad campaign that puts gods and various religious figures around the table. What they all have in common is a love of lamb. The Prophet Muhammad is missing from the table. While this is likely to be an attempt to avoid controversy and condemnation from the Muslim community if you watch the ad closely there is a very subtle dig at Muhammad.

Hostess on the phone: ” Sure, I’ll see you next time.”

Roman God: ” Who was that?”

Hostess: “Muhammad.”

Jesus: ” He can’t make an appearance? ”

Hostess: “Daycare pick up”

Jesus: ” That is a shame.”

It is sad that the advertisers feel comfortable gently mocking other religions but feel that the risk of offending Muslims is so high and comes with so many negative consequences that they cannot even have Muhammad at the table. It actually reinforces how incompatible the ideology of Islam is with Western society.

The way that they removed Muhammad from the ad was a masterclass in protecting themselves from condemnation and controversy. Muslims will assume that the daycare pick up reference is referring to the fact that Muhammad had many wives and many children. People like me, on the other hand, will have a little chuckle assuming that it was a subtle reference to the fact that Muhammad’s favourite wife was only 6 years old when he married her.


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