Humour is a very personal thing just ask Joanna Hunkin

The Head of Entertainment at the New Zealand Herald Joanna Hunkin can’t see anything funny about an “Asian Johnny Depp” even though the resemblance is quite striking and it is a flattering comparison. She calls it “casual racism.” She also finds half-naked male strippers offensive as well as T.V shows that have too many white actors¬†not enough diversity. On the other hand, she finds fat-shaming jokes to be absolutely hilarious.

If My Kitchen Rules NZ taught us anything this week, it’s that casual racism is alive and well in New Zealand.

[…] “So are you a Kiwi, or what? You don’t say much so we can’t judge the accent,” said Heather from Christchurch, to a round of hearty guffaws from the dinner table.

She was talking about contestant Teal, who is originally from Cambodia but has lived in Wellington for most of his life.

How is that racist? The confusion is a result of multi-culturalism and the ease of travel between countries. Before aeroplane travel was common, you could tell just by looking at a person and by hearing their accent which country they came from.¬†The New Zealand Human Rights Commission, however, lapped up Hunkin’s virtue signalling.


[…] A sinister orchestral soundtrack builds as Ben says suspiciously: “He’s reminding me of someone…”

He then snaps his finger and points, declaring: “Asian Johnny Depp.”

Back at the table, Heather points at Teal and repeats the moniker before Wanaka-native Bex asks, “Where are your parents from?”

-NZ Herald

As well as disapproving of comparing ‘My Kitchen Rules’ contestant Teal to sex symbol Johnny Depp, Ms Hunkin also doesn’t approve of sexy half-naked male strippers or shows that have too many white actors not enough diversity.

There is (thank goodness) one show that does meet with Hunkin’s approval and that tickles her funny bone. I assume it is one that has ‘diversity’ and no ‘casual racism.’ What it does have however is a fabulous ‘plus size’ scene. Oh, how she laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed.


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