Increasing pressure on Green party to start talking to National

And most of it comes from within the Green party itself.

Christchurch organic fashion entrepreneur Clive Antony, a National supporter, said he started the petition to initiate a “conversation” about a possible coalition of the two parties.

“It started to annoy me that everyone has been ruling out a National-Green coalition and rightly so as both parties have basically written it off,” he wrote on the website

“But they have left the smallest of doors open. That’s where we come in!

“I genuinely think there is common ground between the National Party and the Green Party, which could result in practical policy wins for New Zealand. Environmental issues such as carbon neutrality and social issues like child poverty come to mind.”

Antony, who founded the organic fashion label Mallu as a social enterprise, said the idea came up in a conversation with a group of friends who between them voted for National, Green, Act and The Opportunities Party.

“We were thinking, why don’t we just start a conversation?” he said.

In the meantime, James Shaw is under increasing pressure from people in his own party to consider the very same thing. ? He stood under a ticket of bringing the Green party closer to the centre. ?To work with parties like National for green-er outcomes.

If there has been one thing that Shaw has been exposed on over the last 8 weeks it has been that his political judgement is faulty. ?As is his lack of pragmatism. ?He’s let his loyalty to Metiria Turei drive all his decision making.

He nearly lost the party because of it. ?And now that they are in a unique position to actually make a difference, he immediately ruled out working with National under any circumstances.

He hadn’t asked his colleagues. ?Nor had he asked the party hierarchy. ?As a result, he finds himself between another rock and a hard place.


– Simon Collins, NZ Herald