Labour: No more taxes except the taxes we already talked about, except the ones we won’t, maybe

Confused members of nonprofit body Irrigation New Zealand are contacting IrrigationNZ asking if a water tax IS going ahead, following Labour’s announcement on tax plans today.

While Labour’s tax statement is being badged ‘no new taxes this term’ , the water tax is in fact one of five new taxes that will go ahead if Labour wins the next election.

IrrigationNZ is calling on Labour to reconsider their plans.

IrrigationNZ CEO Andrew Curtis said: ‘Labour’s announcement on its tax plans today does nothing to address widespread conerns on a water tax. It seems Labour are still pressing ahead with the tax although their re-issued tax policy is unclear and confusing. There’s still no further detail, no decision on the rate, and no analysis of the impact of this tax on farmers, growers, the public and New Zealand’s economy.’

‘IrrigationNZ has been asking 16 questions about the water tax since it was announced, under the banner Labour: Let’s Answer This [attached]. Today’s announcement provided no more information.’

The proposed water tax deserves more scrutiny and analysis before being introduced. Voters deserve to understand the details and implications of this tax before the election.’

IrrigationNZ does not support a water tax as its proposed because:

It does not apply to all commercial users of water.

It targets certain groups like irrigators which skews the funding and distribution of the tax, meaning it will fail to address some of the country’s most polluted rivers It does nothing to address urban water pollution issues

It is likely to result in unintended consequences, such as more intensive farming to pay for it

It penalises the people who are already cleaning up rivers

The whole announcement was a bit of a clusterwhatsit.   The headline was there would be no new taxes until 2020, with the small text underneath containing a disclaimer “with the exception of those we have already committed to”.

So now we still don’t know what the hell Labour is doing.

Good to see them in their usual flight of incompetence.   Jacinda needs to get a damehood for talking non-stop and not saying anything for nearly a month.   But now that the pressure comes on the usual “talent” are stepping up to do the job, we can all see the “new” Labour party are still the same bunch of clowns.

The last week should be good.  It will get nasty…ier still.



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