Is Labour plus the Greens the crazy girlfriend?

A 2016 young farmer of the year finalist has compared the Labour Party to a “crazy girlfriend” in a letter to the editor.

[…] In the letter, Mr Fitz-Herbert tells readers to “think of the Government like a girlfriend”.

“Don’t choose a new good looking girlfriend and complain in three months’ time that she has stopped smiling, put up the bitch curtains”.


[…] Mr Fitz-Herbert urged readers to “see through the shiny, bright, sparkly new option to see the real cray cray, no makeup option that we might have to wake up next to for the next three years”.

He also alluded to the Green Party as a “weird friend that doesn’t shower regularly or shave her armpits and who is having input into your relationship”.



“Looks will fade but crazy is forever”, he concludes.

The letter provoked outrage on social media.

[…] Mr Fitz-Herbert told Newshub he stands by his comments, but he “never intended to be sexist”.

“We don’t elect just a Prime Minister, we elect an entire party‚ĶI wasn’t necessarily going after an individual. Not just Jacinda, more Labour as a whole.”

He says he intended the letter to come across as “comical and tongue-in-cheek”[…]


If Labour plus the Greens is the crazy girlfriend what will National plus NZ First look like? Here’s hoping it is something like this…


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