Labour switch strategies: forget about taxes, look how much we can GIVE you

Former Labour Party leader Andrew Little (left) with Party Leader Jacinda Ardern. Photo / Michael Craig

Labour has launched a new online calculator that show how much extra families with kids will get from Labour’s Families Package, says Leader of the Opposition Jacinda Ardern.

“Families can go to and see how much better off they will be with Labour thanks to our Families Package.

“Labour’s Families Package calculator allows families to easily enter their information from their phone, tablet, or computer and see how much more they will get from Working for Families, the Best Start payment, the Winter Energy Payment, and the Accommodation Supplement.

“The system is completely confidential – the calculations take place within the users’ web app and no information leaves their computer.

“Labour’s Families Package, which we released in July, is carefully targeted to deliver for families, especially those with young kids. We want our children to get the best start in life without poverty. That’s why our Families Package includes a $60 a week Best Start payment for families with babies and toddlers.

“This targeted approach means that a family on $50,000 with a new-born and a three year old with is $131 a week better off. The same family gets just $39 from National. We can do this, with a less expensive package overall, because we aren’t giving tax cuts that deliver $400m a year to the top 10 per cent of earners.

“Overall, 70 per cent of families with kids get more from Labour’s Families Package than they do under National’s plan. It is the cornerstone of our plan to reduce poverty and boost incomes for families on middle incomes,” says Jacinda Ardern.

Note: The Labour Families Package calculator compares to the status quo. People can see what they get from National’s Tax Package on the Treasury website.

Jacinda’s government would be the Robin Hood government.  But all this talk of robbing the rich has started to backfire, so now we need to look at how much they can give to the poor.

So I filled it in for a couple with two kids at primary and secondary school.  Both parents work and have a combined pre-tax income of $100k

That $1 will be taken off them again in

  • Mortgage payments increasing
  • Water taxes
  • Higher income tax (which they now say they won’t, but you know… Labour)
  • Transport taxes
  • ETS affecting inflation

and many more.

So hard working families are going to go backwards.

No surprise, if you fill in the calculator for people on a benefit, or even a living wage for one partner with two children, the money starts falling from the sky.

Just don’t ask where it came from.


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