Labour’s ‘bring out your dead’ campaign plan

It seems Labour and their coalition partner the Media party are now playing the sympathy card to bring out votes for Labour:

A passionate Labour supporter died less than two weeks before voting opened, but his message has reached thousands.

Rangiora community stalwart Peter Allen – who suffered from motor neurone disease – died on August 30, 12 days before early voting began.

The highly respected former Rangiora High School principal and Waimakariri District Councillor left a video message on Facebook as a “last time voter” voicing his support of Jacinda Ardern and her party.

It has been viewed more than 7000 times, even by the Labour leader herself.

I know another video that has been viewed more than 20,000 times since it was released but the media don’t write about that. Or another one viewed more than 5,500 times and nothing has been reported about that one either.

Allen explained why he was going to vote for Labour, with a framed caricature of Ardern propped beside him.

The 71-year-old, breathless but staunch in his delivery, said he saw Ardern’s leadership potential a year ago.

“I’m a motor neurone disease sufferer and as such I will be a last time voter at the coming elections,” he said.

He finished the message with the words, ‘Let’s do this”.

What is this that we are supposed to “do”?

This is pretty pathetic stuff, the last time I can remember the dead being used for political purposes was when Paul East and Max Bradford fought out the Rotorua selection for the National party. There were lots of $5 members registered, all with the same address. A check was made and it was found that they all seemed to reside in the local cemetery. Party bosses were worried about a dead heat.

When you are rolling out the dead and the dying to win an election then things are getting pretty desperate.




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