Labour’s Chief of Staff doesn’t believe in freedom of speech

The only thing that one can conclude is that former union bovver boy, Neale Jones, doesn’t believe that people can attend a public protest and hold up whatever sign they damn well please.  

Worse, it wasn’t a National party organised event, their people were simply caught in the background.

The left wing loves guilt by association. If only they knew how many of their people talk to me, or better still use me for work against their own people.

The bottom line is this, Jacinda Ardern’s Chief of Staff, Neale Jones, a former EPMU bovver boy, simply doesn’t believe in freedom of speech and wants to control the narrative and have protest signs taken off people because he doesn’t agree with their message.

I wonder if I should tell everyone how Neale Jones was so frightened that Andrew Little was speaking to me that he physically dragged Little away from the conversation…oh wait I just did.




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