The Mirage that is Labour’s leadership change

In that photo is what Labour believes to be its top talent.   Now take Jacinda out of it, and what do you have left?

All I see is men.  Union men.  Old Token Maori.  Old Token Coconut.   Old Token Gay man. Old Token Ginger.  Old Token Balding white guy.

It’s like a marketing company put the party together.

Do people honestly think these career politicians are the right ones to be in charge of the money?  (Robertson)

The jails?  (Davis)

Education?   (Hipkins)

National security?  (Ardern)

The man that is Number Three on the Labour list, Andrew Little, is absent.  Is not to be seen anywhere.

What sort of party hides its 3rd list candidate from media exposure?  Either he’s been useless and he becomes a back-bencher, or he is still part of the inner circle.

I have this mental picture of the voters being asked to put on a blindfold and to trust the Labour party.  They will find you a safe place to sit.   They lead you somewhere, and indeed, you sit down.  It feels solid.  You feel safe.  Until they take the blindfold off.




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