Misinformation and foul language from Wrongly Wrongson last night

As usual Martyn Bradbury AKA Wrongly Wrongson got it wrong last night on social media telling his followers that advance votes are the same as special votes.

Advance votes are actually counted first. Only around 20% of them will be considered special votes and only if the people voting had not enrolled to vote before turning up to vote. We provided a link to that information last night on Whaleoil. By 8.30pm last night over 82% of the advance votes had already been counted.


As we all know The Daily Blog is the sewer they always accuse highly moderated Whaleoil of being. If you have ever been under the illusion that Bradbury’s blog was a bastion of sophistication and class last night’s election night Facebook post from them would have shattered all your illusions

Foul language and misinformation aside I amused myself last night by searching social media for signs of Labour tears of impotent rage.


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