Mood for change? Not so much it turns out

The left-wing and their media enablers have gone on and on about there being a “mood for change”.

With the election result it seems that isn’t at all true and I for one am not at all surprised.

National has attained more votes in this election than John Key got for National in 2008.   

National are in their fourth term now and have increased their vote over every single election since 2008.

That is unprecedented and shows just how little people wanted to change.

There is one possible major change though, Winston Peters could govern with National, and demand the end of the Maori seats via referendum.

Given that the Maori party, Bill’s mates, have been rinsed there is no longer any reason for Bill English to pander to them any longer.

It’s over, and Bill and Winston can remove the Maori-mander.

Auckland has resoundingly returned National with more than 50% of the vote.

That can be fair and squared laid at the feet of Grant Robertson. Aucklanders don’t want a capital gains tax…not now, not after a tax working group, not ever.

Mood for change?

Not so much.


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