National in best position to form a government

The results are in and National has managed to remain well over 40%.

To be fair to Bill English his campaign has been a blinder, helped by the low rat cunning of Steve Joyce. Credit where credit is due.

The only problem he has now, is that the only party he can deal with is Winston Peters and come Monday morning he is going to have a bit of a shock when Winston sits down with him and his negotiator.  

But that will play out in good time.

The Maori party has been killed off, and now Winston Peters can push to remove those Maori seats, a project of his for decades, and he can get Bill English to do it now that there no longer is a Maori party for Bill to rely upon.

As predicted here, pretty much alone in the media, Winston Peters is the ONLY person who determines the shape of the government.

Bill English can rightly feel proud, but the election is Winston’s to control.

The left-wing are claiming there is a vote for change. They are wrong. National has held their vote, but the arrogance of the left is such that they expect Winston Peters to go with them.

If there is a vote for a change, the Maori party is gone, the Greens are diminished, and Winston Peters is in control.

The government will change. It will change because Act is irrelevant, and the Maori party are gone. If Winston Peters decides to go with National that will be a change.

But Winston will do what Winston always does. The bottom line is Winston is in control and I told you that would happen all along. I didn’t wish for it to happen, I simply analysed the numbers and worked on probabilities.

Wishful thinking doesn’t win elections, hard work does.

National will now be wishing senior Ministers hadn’t done a completely stupid thing in trying to spike Winston Peters. Some of them will be out of jobs if Winston Peters chooses National. All of them will be out of a job if he chooses Labour.


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